Co-motion – 1 year birthday

We scoped this event out by being subscribed to the Hamilton Community Newsletter – HIVE. Co-motion is a co working space recently launched in Hamilton. Its basically a much smaller WeWork. People can rent table space from them, access to meeting rooms etc. starting from 99/month. It’s targeted at entrepreneurs and young folks.

There was free champagne, only limited to 4 bottles serving over 100 people in attendance. There was also beer on tap, for $5/cup

comotion table

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VIP When Travelling – Platinum Credit Cards

this just in – American Express Platinum

I applied for this card sometime last month (April 2016) and it came through a few weeks ago. For people unfamiliar, it’s one of the most elite credit cards offered in Canada. It also requires a minium income of $40k/year to qualify (more on this later).  Check out the packaging it came in! It shipped with a leather bound book.

I was initially quite hesistant to apply for it, because of its $699 annual fee!

I’ll talk about the benefits and bonuses ($1549 + more) that came with the card, and how it outweighs the $699 annual fee.

Vraiment, I get no greater pleasure than whipping this bad boy out at the cash register to pay for my $20/month groceries 😉

platinum books

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How much did my UK exchange year cost?

Its that time of year again, to pat myself on the back for saving money and being frugal 😉 All kidding aside, lets take a look at how much a year abroad at University of Warwick, UK cost.

In this post, I’ll look at my expenses this year, and also comparing them to my expenses last year, providing commentary where neccessary

I won’t be looking at my income this year, because I didn’t really work. Apart from scholarships, bursuries, and such totalling $4k (1k from exchange, 1k from scholarship by application, 2k from bursary), nothing much else to claim.

In summary, the total cost of exchange = $15,507

  • includes my 1 month backpacking trip in sept ($1,400)
  • includes airfare both ways ($350)
  • includes $7,200 McMaster tuition

Remembering last year’s expenses clocked in at =$13,042

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Eventbrite – JP Morgan Building

This here is another free event I scoped out on Eventbrite. I registered despite little knowledge of what the event actually entailed or who it was targeted it. All I knew was it was held on the 47th floor of the JP Morgan building in Canary Wharf. If anything, it’s a good excuse to check out the building interior, which was expectantly impressive as any bank headquarter building.

jpm building

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Eventbrite – Appboy Launch Party

I was in London for 2 weeks, and my evenings were pretty much free. As such, I browsed Eventbrite for some free events to hit up while I was in town. Turns out Eventbrite in London is hype, there is pretty much an event going on every day. Today in particular was the launch party of a tech startup, AppBoy. RSVP was free and it was held in their new office in Central London, free food and drinks so there was no excuse not to attend.

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